1.) What business do I have writing a blog?

Humbly, I am still figuring that out!  This blog incepted for one key reason:

I have realized that for most humans an average day consists of things you do not “100 Percent” want to do.  Errands, day jobs, kids (#wellitstrue), diets, money, unwanted commitments all can control and sometimes negatively affect the hours that make up every day.  I certainly belong to the ‘most humans’ category and can relate to all of this. 

I strongly believe it is important to incorporate experiences on a regular basis that you “100 Percent” want to do – whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  These things should make you feel like there is nothing else you would rather be doing, or completely present and overwhelmed with joy. These experiences help us feel regenerated, grounded and full of gratitude – which raises our vibrations and positive energy –attracting even more joyful experiences into our lives.

I realized through comments made by friends and family I am an ‘opportunity maximizer’ — someone who is obsessively committed to adventures and experiences that bring light and pure joy to my life – a life I might otherwise consider mundane and even wasteful. I am deeply aware of the experiences I “100 Percent” want to have and the people I “100 Percent” want to share them with. For me, those “100 Percent” experiences look like a lot of world exploration, nature, wellness, photography and quality eats.

This blog is intended to share ideas through travel, adventure, nature and wellness. If it inspires you to make slight changes to create more light and joy in your week, then that’s even better! A solid community of people that string “100 Percent” experiences together into a beautiful life would make my heart explode.

2.) What is a 100 Percent Day?

A 100 Percent day is exactly what it sounds like: A day that you commit to yourself. A day that is jam-packed with ONLY things that you 100 Percent want to do. A 100 Percent day looks different for every person, but the joyful results are the same.  

Let’s be real…A 100 Percent day isn’t every day – it’s a special day that happens maybe as infrequently as once every six months.

You don’t need a lot of money or freedom to create one day every six or 12 months dedicated to yourself. And you don’t need to wait to have a full 100 Percent day to start incorporating 100 Percent experiences and adventures into your life. These can be small experiences that happen daily or weekly – but make an effort to sneak them in. It’s worth it!

100 Percent Day TipWhen you are having your 100 Percent day… make sure your friends and family fully support you and your needs. If part of your 100 Percent day consists of a cuddle puddle with your favorite humans…they have to concede.  So make it known it’s your day. Call dibs and enjoy.